What is the Paleo diet?

Many people can see the logic behind the Paleo diet: humans are animals genetically designed to eat foods found in nature, not to have mobile phones, travel by train or drink tea with fruit caviar.

Superflavour? 3 seasonal foods to enjoy

Eating seasonal foods is a healthy, affordable decision that benefits your health. If you eat these foods out of season, they are more expensive and have less flavour.

Foods without extra fats

When we start watching what we eat, we tend to remove fat from our dishes and cooking, thinking that there aren't any appetising alternatives to boiling, which means we end up getting bored with everything and throw in the towel.

Fuel for muscles

When you do physical exercise, most of the energy comes from carbohydrates, which are stored in the form of glycogen in muscles or the liver.

Stop Anemia

Do you feel weak, tired, pale? Maybe the heat is covering up anaemia, which can have more or less the same symptoms.

Do you continue eating after you are full?

Food is commonly associated with feelings and moods that affect good eating habits.

What is the best fruit for athletes?

It goes without saying that you should eat fruit every day, the recommended daily allowance is 3-4 servings. They hydrate, give you energy, fibre, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances like antioxidants.

Basics of vegetarianism

A vegetarian diet (in any of its variants) is healthy and people who follow this diet often lead more active lifestyle, which makes it even more beneficial.

12 months, key period of time to keep the weight off

The main promise of miracle diets, from the beginning to this day, is and will always be quick weight loss.

Cereals to tackle the day

We've already stressed the importance of NOT excluding carbohydrates from your diet as an athlete.