Tips to prevent childhood obesity and teach kids good habits

Childhood obesity rates are higher than they should be, according to the World Health Organization.

Diet for nursing mothers

Some nutritional tips for nursing mothers. A diet rich in macronutrients, fats and proteins.

Tips for healthy nutrition during pregnancy

During pregnancy, diet plays a key role in the baby's development. But what kind of diet should pregnant women follow?

3 fresh recipes for the little ones

Summer is here and the little ones are already enjoying their holidays. Why don't we look at some fresh recipes for this summer? Today we have three recipes for you, which will be a hit not only with the little ones but the whole family

Alternatives to sweet birthday treats

Children's birthday parties are normally associated with bags of sweets, soft drinks, cake and all sorts of other sugary treats. Sweets are tasty, but they're not healthy and eating too many of them can lead to problems. This is why we have healthier alternatives to traditional birthday parties, substituting sweets, candies, gummies and other sugary treats for ones that are just as delicious and surely more original.