Fat - Burning Foods

Our obsession with reaching our "ideal" weight

Diets to lose weight in a week

Is it true or just a myth that there are diets to lose weight in a week? In this article we will discuss whether a balanced diet is compatible with losing weight quickly.

Practical tips to fight cellulite

Any woman can have cellulite. Contrary to popular beliefs, it doesn't only affect people who are overweight: thin and slim women can also have cellulite. However men rarely get it.

How to prevent gas: 3 tips to keep it at bay

It is impossible to completely get rid of gas, but there are many ways to combat it so it doesn't bother us in our day-to-day life. What can we do to diminish its effects?

Do you continue eating after you are full?

Food is commonly associated with feelings and moods that affect good eating habits.

12 months, key period of time to keep the weight off

The main promise of miracle diets, from the beginning to this day, is and will always be quick weight loss.