How to prevent gas: 3 tips to keep it at bay

How to prevent gas: 3 tips to keep it at bay

It is impossible to completely get rid of gas, but there are many ways to combat it so it doesn't bother us in our day-to-day life. What can we do to diminish its effects?




What causes gas? Gas can have many causes: heavy digestion, food intolerance, improper chewing, etc. as well as other reasons like stress, anxiety and certain types of medication. Plus, most foods with carbohydrates can cause gas. But what can we do to reduce their effects? We have 3 tips for you:

-Stop legumes from boiling by taking them off the heat or adding cold water.
-Fruit like pineapple and papaya have enzymes that aid digestion and can prevent gases from forming.
-Notice which foods disagree with you, and after the symptoms have passed incorporate them in small amounts.
-And one extra: eat slowly. Eat slowly in a calm setting. Eating too quickly can cause you to ingest air, which isn't absorbed in the digestive tract and builds up, causing discomfort.

Now it's time to put these tips into practice.  


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