The Healthy Way Weight Loss

Do you carry excess weight? Start losing it with this nutritional plan.


For amateurs or professionals: we make a healthy meal plan for you, compatible with your sports practice.

Weight Loss on the go

A meal plan with simple and delicious meals to prepare and take away.

Weight Loss for Vegetarians

Are you vegetarian and do you want to lose weight? This plan is adapted to your dietary requirements.

Healthy lunch box

Learn to eat well with a plan designed to fill your lunchbox with healthy, nutrient rich foods.

Vegetarian plan for beginners

Learn how to follow a vegetarian diet in a healthy way, without missing any essential nutrients.

Gain weight or muscle mass

A plan designed to gain weight or muscle mass in a healthy and controlled way.

Weight Loss with the menopause

Get to a weight that you are happy with and forget about the symptoms of the menopause.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

A plan designed to help you to lose weight, taking into consideration that you have just had a baby.

Nutrition before pregnancy

A plan that helps you to live a healthy life, in preparation for pregnancy.

Gluten Sensitive

Slim down reducing gluten while keeping a fully nutritious diet.

Clean eating

Lose weight with a diet that contains nutritious food and organic products.

Low Carb

Lose weight and feel better with a diet low in carbohydrates.

Lose weight with the mediterranean diet

Lose weight with a diet low in carbohydrates and low in the consumption of meat.

When will I lose the extra pounds?

Do the nutritional study to know all the details

Lose weight with dishes like these

Dishes from our users