Fat - Burning Foods

Fat - Burning Foods

Our obsession with reaching our "ideal" weight

We want to make it very clear that there is NO such thing, nor any other sort of food that makes you lose weight. Specific foods don't cause or prevent anything, it is the combination and balance of everything we eat that affects our health.

We've all seen pills that promise to help us burn fat and advertisements for supplements with some supersubstance that will help us burn fat. They even dare to promise us that they will help us burn fat in specific parts of our body. That isn't real. When the body uses its fat reserves as a source of energy, it can draw it from any location, we can't control it.

What we have to know is that physical exercise is ESSENTIAL. You will never achieve your goals if you don't modify your sedentary lifestyle. Diet is also important, eating quality calories and eliminating superfluous foods. It's no good to walk briskly or run for 45 minutes and then eat a bunch of food high in saturated fat when you get back. To do so, you can turn to a nutritionist/dietitian, who will help you follow a healthy, balanced diet that fits your needs and helps you eliminate fat.

In short, no food will help you burn fat on its own. To lose weight, you need a healthy diet, exercise and good hydration.

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