The dangers of fast weight-loss diets

To lose weight, you have to analyse your personal eating habits and lifestyle and correct what isn't working through a learning process that helps you maintain healthy habits in the middle and long-term, as they have been internalised and applied continuously. Nevertheless, the market is full of miracle diets that don't follow these concepts and have undesirable effects on your health.

Detox diet and juicing. Discover the truth.

Detox diets are one of the most questionable diet trends to pop up in recent years. Even though the drinks in this weight-loss diet are juices and smoothies made of healthy foods, like fruit and vegetables, it isn't the same as eating them in their original form.

3 food myths

If we've heard it once, we've heard it a million times: pasta makes you fat, fruit at night can upset your stomach, tea burns fat and much more. But what's the truth behind these and other myths? Are we wrong? We unravel false myths about eating habits.

What is the Paleo diet?

Many people can see the logic behind the Paleo diet: humans are animals genetically designed to eat foods found in nature, not to have mobile phones, travel by train or drink tea with fruit caviar.