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Food to fight cravings

Hi I'm really struggling to stay off the fizzy drinks and junk food, do you have any suggestions to fight cravings?

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Can I increase my metabolism with nutrition?

Metabolism and nutrition

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Can I use kilograms, as well as pounds(lbs)?

Measuring weight.

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Healthy Eating

I do eat healthy but not sure of my portion sizes

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Suitable Diet to help fibromyalgia

I've recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and diet can effect it greatly. I've been told I'll have to avoid certain foods as they cause flare ups.
What diet do you suggest I try?

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Gain weight

How can I gain weight

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Crohns and weight gain

If I have recently been diagnosed with small bowel Crohn and am unable to gain weight, any suggestions please?

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Protein diet

A friend recommend a protein diet to me to lose weight, 6 meals throughout the day 100g of lean protein for 2 meals and 120g for the other with a breakfast consisting of oats or granola and a protein shake for the other 2 meals with 40g complex carbs and/or cup full of fibrous carbs with the lean protein. I just wanted to know if this is a suitable diet to lose weight or if protein shakes that are labelled to lose weight, actually help? If this isn't a suitable diet could you please point me in the right direction to lose weight and then once the weight is lost i would like to tone and get muscle definition . Thank you

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Unable to lose more weight

Why I can't lose more weight, even when I follow the same, healthy diet?

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diet sports

I go to the gym and swimming pool 3 times a week and i'd like to change my diet because ow i train more and lose a lot of energy!

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