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Proper nutrition

Hi, i have a question about my diet, I'm currently very under weight for my age but I feel as if my diet is very unhealthy and is bad for my body on the inside and I would just like to know if you have any advice on changing my diet and how to improve/keep being healthy from the inside?

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Belly fat

What's the best way to lose belly fat/bloating?

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Healthy weight loss

I'm roughly 64kg at the moment. I work from home so I don't do much exercise or get much time to exercise. How much is weight is healthy to lose per week to get to 55kg?

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Losing weight and exercise

I use the treadmill,rowing machine and stationary bike at the gym to lose weight. What techniques and exercises at the gym would you recommend to lose weight?

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Food cravings!

I always seem to start a diet but always end up breaking it because I see really good food! How do I fight these cravings and continue dieting?

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I have eczema/dry skin. Is there any food I can eat to help it?

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What should I do to lose belly fat?

What do you recommend I eat or what type of diet would help to loose belly fat?

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Tips to fight chocolate cravings

I find it very difficult to stop eating chocolate and crisps, have you any advice to help me?

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diet and healthy eating

I am a lifeguard, mostly on my feet all day. I am very active with swimming and judo and I do a bit of gym. I was just wondering what sort of diet or foods should I eat with such a busy lifestyle to improve my performance in judo?

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Azotemia and proteins

Hi, after a high-protein diet for months, I was found to have high azotemia. Is this value affected by any type of protein (animal or plant based)?

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