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Dietary advice

I go bouldering once a week and do yoga twice to three times a week. I don't want to loose a lot of weight but want to reduce my fat mass?
How do I go about doing this without gaining weight too?

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I have two boys age 11 and 9. My 11 year old is overweight and is 62 kg and my 9 year old is 54kg . I am really worried about their health. what could I do to change this?

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Healthy weight loss

I'm roughly 64kg at the moment. I work from home so I don't do much exercise or get much time to exercise. How much is weight is healthy to lose per week to get to 55kg?

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Losing weight and exercise

I use the treadmill,rowing machine and stationary bike at the gym to lose weight. What techniques and exercises at the gym would you recommend to lose weight?

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Food cravings!

I always seem to start a diet but always end up breaking it because I see really good food! How do I fight these cravings and continue dieting?

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I have eczema/dry skin. Is there any food I can eat to help it?

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Tips to fight chocolate cravings

I find it very difficult to stop eating chocolate and crisps, have you any advice to help me?

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Food to fight cravings

Hi I'm really struggling to stay off the fizzy drinks and junk food, do you have any suggestions to fight cravings?

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Healthy Eating

I do eat healthy but not sure of my portion sizes

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Gain weight

How can I gain weight

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