I have two boys age 11 and 9. My 11 year old is overweight and is 62 kg and my 9 year old is 54kg . I am really worried about their health. what could I do to change this?

Andrea Prochazkova

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Hi Shkurta
Thanks for your question. The best approach would be to see a nutritional therapist that could pinpoint the issues that have led to their weight gain.

In general, the most problematic food for children is food rich in sugar – sugary drinks (juices, cola, squash etc.), sugary snacks (biscuits, chocolate, candy etc.), added sugar to food and drinks, and sugar released from refined products like white potatoes, white bread, white pasta and white rice.

You could replace sugary drinks for water with squeezed fresh orange and/or just pure water, offer them as snacks nature’s candy – dry fruit + nuts and fruit (especially fruit lower in sugar like blueberries, blackberries and raspberries) and replace refined products for whole grain varieties.

Another problem which is common is the lack of vegetables in the diet. They are rich in fibre that keeps them full and provide them with slow-releasing energy and also supply nutrients that are needed for health as well as weight loss and maintenance. It would be a good idea to include vegetable soups or salads for dinner and provide them with snacks like vegetable sticks with hummus.

Try to replace unhealthy snacks like crisps and biscuits with nutritious snacks like apple with almond butter, oatcakes with hummus and dark chocolate with nuts. Also try to cook homemade meals to avoid added sugar and unhealthy refined fats.

Lack of exercise predisposes child to obesity especially if its coupled with a diet high in sugars. Make sure your kids get at least 2 hours exercise each day – it could be brisk walk, playing with their friends, cycling or going to fitness/dance classes.

Hope this general advice helps a little but I can only guess what the problems in their diet could be and these are the most common ones.
Good luck!