Losing weight and exercise

I use the treadmill,rowing machine and stationary bike at the gym to lose weight. What techniques and exercises at the gym would you recommend to lose weight?

Andrea Prochazkova

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Hi Shannon

Thanks for your question! The exercise routine will very much depend on what your expectations are.

If your aim is to shed the extra pounds from your stomach and/or upper body, the best is to combine HIIT exercises with weight bearing exercises. It is important to built muscle since they burn more energy at rest. You could use treadmill or cross-trainer for doing high intensity training – you can push yourself out of breath for one minute and then slow down to a walking mode for another minute for 20-30 minutes. This challenges your body to burn more fat. You could also include some jumps to get your heart rate up during your session and tone up your legs. Alternating high intensity exercise with weight bearing exercises can kick start your metabolism so try to combine both during your work out.

If your problematic areas are buttocks and legs, HIIT exercises will suit you too but go light on weight bearing routines for your legs unless you would like them to look bulky. If you are after slim, toned legs, use only light weights for the lower part of your body and exercise them for longer – e.g. do 30 repetitions with very light weights rather than 10 repetitions with heavy weights.

I would recommend discussing your exercising needs with your personal trainer for further guidance and consult a nutritional therapist to design a diet to meet your weight and health goals.
Good luck!