Vegetarian plan for beginners

Vegetarian vegan diets: Vegetarian plan for beginners

We help you with the transition to vegetarianism

What does this plan include?

Learn how to follow a vegetarian diet in a healthy way, without missing any essential nutrients.

Respect your style of life


B12 Supplementation

Shopping list

A nutritional coach

Daily monitoring


Weekly meal plan
Plan details

  • Respect your way of life, without missing out on anything.
  • Delicious recipes adapted to your level of cooking.
  • Recommendations for correct supplementation, to avoid nutritional deficiencies.
  • Don't prepare your shopping list every week,we do it for you!
  • A nutritional coach by chat or by telephone to design your diet and attend all your problems.
  • Daily monitoring: You can make comments, rate and take photos of your meals.
  • Delicious and simple recipes that will help you prepare your meal plan
  • A weekly meal plan that adapts to your objective.
  • We don't include dietary products, only foods that are part of a healthy diet.
  • Cancel at any moment with the push of a button. No permanent commitment or contract.
Additional information

You have decided on a lifestyle that respects the environment, that’s healthy and ethical but it can be difficult to start the transition. How do I do it? What things can I eat? Am I taking in enough nutrients? In the beginning you will have thousands of questions and difficulties adapting to your new lifestyle.

Nootric will help you and guide you with this process of change. Your nutritionist will prepare weekly meal plans that will make the transition easy, with all the nutrients you need for each day. In addition, your meals will be varied, so you won’t be bored as you adapt to your new diet.

The coaching and monitoring by your nutritionist will help you to solve any nutritional questions that you have about any new foods that will be included in the diet and will help you manage the guidelines towards correct supplementation. You can contact your coach through the app chat or by phone, whenever you need to.

The plan includes the psycho-nutritional questionnaire, the meal plans and monitoring of the diet.

Initially you’ll take a questionnaire so that the nutritionist will have knowledge of your diet and daily activity. Next, the nutritional coach will be in contact with you to finalize your dietary needs and preferences, including supplementation according to your needs.

Later, your nutritionist will make your weekly meal plans, adapted to your needs and preferences. Once you receive your meal plan, you can make changes to anything you dislike and ask your coach any questions that may arise, with the assurance that your nutritionist and coach are understanding of your lifestyle and will offer you the right answers.

Coaching allows you to follow a pattern of healthy eating; during the process, your personal nutritionist will guide you towards your goal and help you with the transition to vegetarianism.

In addition to your personal nutritionist and coach, you have a customer service number at your disposal, if you have other questions or concerns.

Type of diet and particularities

Following a vegetarian diet, with all the correct nutrients, your personal nutritionist will develop a weekly nutritional plan, taking into account your preferences and daily activity, and provide you with guidelines towards correct supplementation of vitamins (mainly Vitamin B12).

Your nutritionist will take into account your culinary skills, your preference for cooking simple dishes or more elaborate dishes, your daily schedule, lifestyle and exercise.