If I want to gain muscle and lose fat do I need to eat carbs and should eat carbs at night

Andrea Prochazkova

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Hi Neal
Balanced nutrition and exercise are both essential for gaining muscle and losing fat.
It would be beneficial to include weight training to gain muscle and some cardio, especially HIIT exercise (high-intensity interval training), that has been proven to help with fat loss. Your fitness trainer could help you to design an exercise plan for you.

Concerning your nutritional needs, protein is a vital macronutrient for building muscles so you should incorporate good protein sources into your daily diet (e.g. lean meat, eggs, fish, pulses like beans and lentils, nuts and seeds). Carbohydrates are easily broken down into sugars to fuel your workout and improve exercise endurance, however, excess intake of carbohydrates can lead to fat gain, especially refined carbs (white bread, white pasta and white rice). Therefore, chose complex carbohydrates rich in fibre (like oats, whole grain bread, pulses, brown rice, vegetable, fruit) that break down into sugars slower and provide more sustainable energy not only during the day and recovery period but also during your workouts.

Nevertheless, it is not desirable to eat significant amounts of carbs in the evening since they can lead to fat gain. If you are to choose carbs in the evening, go for vegetables and accompany them with some protein sources mentioned above.

Generally speaking, a diet high in lean protein, low to moderate amounts of high-fibre carbohydrates coupled with well-designed exercise training should lead to muscle gain and fat loss. The body’s demand for protein and carbs varies from individual to individual, though. Your requirements will depend on your age, sex, the type of exercise you do, how often you workout, your overall diet and health status. Beneficial fats should also be a part of your diet and should not be missed out to achieve desirable results.
I recommend you to consult a qualified nutritionist to assess your particular needs and work with you towards your goals.

Tony Diaz

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Hi Neal,

About eating carbohydrates in the evening, your physical activity during the day makes quite a difference. If for instance you have trained intensely, eating a moderate portion of carbohydrate foods (potato, rice, bread…) would not be a big deal. Actually, it would help to fill your glycogen deposits in muscles and liver, which is essential to be ready for your next training. Therefore, there will not be an excess of blood glucose, which would lead to fat gain.

Anyway, like Andrea advices you very wisely, vegetables have to be the stars of all your meals. This is common for any healthy diet, and in particular for weight loss diets.