Weight Loss with the menopause

Lose weight diets: Weight Loss with the menopause

Control symptoms of the menopause and lose weight

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What does this plan include?

Get to a weight that you are happy with and forget about the symptoms of the menopause.

Special contribution

Alleviation of symptoms

Shopping list

Exercise routines

A nutritional coach

Daily monitoring


Weekly meal plan
Plan details

  • During this stage of your life, you need a diet rich in Calcium, vitamin D, K and Magnesium.
  • A diet adapted to hormonal changes to relieve hot flushes, sweats and other symptoms.
  • Don't prepare your shopping list every week,we do it for you!
  • With a simple exercise plan and explanatory videos, that you can easily do at home.
  • A nutritional coach by chat or by telephone to design your diet and attend all your problems.
  • Daily monitoring: You can make comments, rate and take photos of your meals.
  • Delicious and simple recipes that will help you prepare your meal plan
  • A weekly meal plan that adapts to your objective.
  • We don't include dietary products, only foods that are part of a healthy diet.
  • Cancel at any moment with the push of a button. No permanent commitment or contract.
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Additional information

The hormonal changes that occur during the menopause have multiple effects and repercussions for your body. The decrease in estrogen directly affects your health and mood. Often women experience weight gain due to a hormonal imbalance or altered mood. All women experience menopause differently and that’s why it’s vital to treat every case individually. Having a nutritionist to help you with the changes that take place during menopause is vital to your health and well-being.

Your personal nutritionist will take into account how far you are into the menopause and will prepare a diet for you with all the essential nutrients like Calcium, Vitamin D, K and Magnesium.

With coaching and monitoring your progress through the app, your nutritionist and coach will be there to assist you and answer any questions you have (for example, if you have to eat out). You will have continuous support throughout the process. Call or chat with your coach whenever you need to.

The plan includes the psycho-nutritional questionnaire, the meal plans and monitoring of the diet.

Initially you’ll take a questionnaire so that the nutritionist will have knowledge of your diet and daily activity. Next, the nutritional coach will be in contact with you to finalize your dietary needs and preferences.

Later, your nutritionist will make your weekly meal plans, adapted to your needs and preferences. Once you receive your meal plan, you can make changes to anything you dislike and ask your coach any questions that may arise.

Coaching ensures adherence to and success with the nutritional plan. Throughout your progress, your coach will ask you to rate your meals and make comments to follow up on your progress and guide you to successful execution of the plan. Meal ratings are easy to do and can be done from anywhere.

The best way to guarantee success is consistency with the follow-up. If you have questions or require adaptations, you can always contact your coach by phone, chat or by email.

In addition to your very own nutritionist and coach, you have at your disposal, a free customer service number if you have any questions or concerns.

Type of diet and particularities

Your personal nutritionist will design a diet, with healthy, natural foods that are rich in the vitamins and minerals that one might lack during the menopausal stages. You will achieve a healthy weight and balance your hormones with a special nutritional plan.

Your nutritionist will also take into account your culinary skills and your preference for either cooking quick and simple dishes or more elaborate ones. We will also take into account your lifestyle and exercise.