Nutrition before pregnancy

Healthy eating diets: Nutrition before pregnancy

Healthy preparation for having a baby

What does this plan include?

A plan that helps you to live a healthy life, in preparation for pregnancy.

Avoid complications in pregnancy

Change your habits

A nutritional coach

Daily monitoring


Weekly meal plan
Plan details

  • Prepare and strengthen your body for your new baby.
  • Start with small changes and bit by bit you will begin to lead a healthier life.
  • A nutritional coach by chat or by telephone to design your diet and attend all your problems.
  • Daily monitoring: You can make comments, rate and take photos of your meals.
  • Delicious and simple recipes that will help you prepare your meal plan
  • A weekly meal plan that adapts to your objective.
  • We don't include dietary products, only foods that are part of a healthy diet.
  • Cancel at any moment with the push of a button. No permanent commitment or contract.
Additional information

A good starting point for pregnancy depends, to a large extent on the health of the mother, so it is vital that we follow a well balanced, nutrient rich diet to ensure the health of the baby. With the nutritional plan that we propose, you will achieve a healthy pregnancy and avoid as much as possible, the complications that derive from bad eating habits and inadequate nutrition.

Your nutritionist will focus on changing your bad eating habits and will take into account your tastes and lifestyle to carry out appropriate follow-up.

The coaching and monitoring of the coach and nutritionist, not only guarantees adherence to the diet, but allows you to solve any doubts you have regarding certain foods and what you should eat when you eat out. Talk to your coach by chat or by phone, whenever you need to and they will answer your questions, with the help of your nutritionist.

The plan includes the psycho-nutritional study, the weekly meal plans and the monitoring of your progress.

Initially you’ll take a questionnaire so that the nutritionist will have knowledge of your diet, daily activity and sustainable habits. Next, the nutritional coach will be in contact with you to finalize your dietary needs and preferences.

Later, your nutritionist will make your weekly meal plans, adapted to your needs and preferences. Once you receive your meal plan, you can make changes to anything you dislike and ask your coach any questions that may arise.

Coaching ensures the adherence to the diet and that you follow a pattern of healthy eating. During the process, your personal nutritionist and coach will guide you with your meals and ask you to report your progress with comments and ratings in the app, to follow-up on your progress correctly. It’s easy and can be done anywhere!

The best way to guarantee success and ensure the health of you and your future baby is by being consistent with reporting your progress. If you have questions or require diet changes, you can contact your coach by chat or by phone whenever you need to.

In addition to your personal nutritionist and coach, you have a customer service number at your disposal, if you have other questions or concerns.

Type of diet and particularities

Based on a diet with natural, healthy produce, your personal nutritionist will develop a plan that will allow you to achieve your objectives, focusing not only on the meals, but on changing and improving your eating habits, working on healthier alternatives to unhealthy foods that you currently consume.

Your culinary skills will also be taken into account, your preference for simple or elaborate dishes, as well as your daily schedule, lifestyle and exercise.