Weekend of excess? Reset your body

Weekend of excess? Reset your body

After days of excess, it is necessary to take care of your body inside and outside. Take note of some basic tips.

Nothing in our body is regulated by chance, and the appetite will not be an exception. The sensation of hunger and satiety is regulated by two hormones: ghrelin (hunger signal) and leptin (satiety signal). These hormones are studied in depth in people with obesity. Their levels are altered, causing that the signal of satiety is not regulated correctly, which would be a direct consequence of high food intakes.

Therefore, this time, we will focus on the hormone that regulates the satiety signal, leptin. This hormone maintains the energy balance in the body by regulating hunger in different ways. This hormone is secreted in the adipose tissue in response to the consumption of food, indicating to the brain that in a moment, it must stop eating, since enough energy has been ingested.

The correct balance of these hormones will help us regulate our weight, keeping us at a healthy weight.

We give you some tips to help your leptin levels stay correct and thus have better results.

  • Reduce the consumption of sugars: high consumption of sugars through processed products alter the levels of this hormone by producing some resistance to its function, making them not work properly.

  • Rest: we tend to get carried away by the frenetic rhythm of our lives, work, personal problems, social life ... and we tend to postpone our resting time for a better moment; a moment that usually never arrives. The body is governed by day and night cycles, and the regulation of several hormones that compromise our caloric expenditure. Lack of sleep has been linked to low levels of leptin.

  • Avoid extremely restrictive diets: your body is wise, and when you force it into states of high caloric restriction, it produces less leptin, even below the minimum it should, due to the loss of body fat. This will cause that when you eat, you will delay the moment of feeling true satiety, making you consume large amounts of food. Take note and start again!

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