The colors of nutrition

The colors of nutrition

The vast range in colours gives you many clues about the benefits of different foods. Learn the secrets that each color hides and improve your meals!

On many occasions, it is often said that we eat first by sight and although the value of the food comes with intake, the reality is that at first glance the different products can say a lot.

The range in colours of food speaks for itself. As nutritionists explain, colors give us great clues about what foods contribute to our body. Colors and health go hand in hand. Take note of what you should know:

  • Green: the king.  As you know, it is the most abundant color in nature. So much so, that it is present in many products that you take in your day to day. Avocado, artichoke, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, pepper, pear, kiwi, etc. As a general rule, meals of this tone are rich in magnesium, folic acid, lutein, antioxidant, fiber and potassium. In addition, they favor muscle relaxation and decrease the feeling of fatigue. Ideal for pregnant women.

  • Red: vitamin C in its pure state. Reddish foods are usually a great source of magnesium, phytochemicals and, of course, vitamin C. Tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, red pepper, etc. Ideal to prevent diseases of the urinary system.

  • Yellow and orange: the best ally for the immune system. Lemon, tangerine, orange, mango, carrot, pumpkin, etc. The fruits and vegetables of this colour range help to improve the immune system and are ideal to take care of your skin.

  • Violet: helps with anti-aging. Blueberries, aubergine, blackberries, plums, grapes, figs, etc. Foods of this color are rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals. Ideal to combat aging

  • White: help your heart. Garlic, onion, apple, mushrooms, cauliflower, melon, etc. The products of this color provide several photochemicals, such as anthoxanthins or inulin. And is that these natural ingredients are associated with a reduction of cardiovascular accidents or stroke

So, add colors to your diet and improve your health. Also, keep in mind that they are the color they are for a reason, these foods provide fiber, minerals and vitamins.

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