cutting vs bulking

If one was wanting to cut calories to appear more lean and more toned rather than 'bulking', which foods should be avoided?

Andrea Prochazkova

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Hi Christina

Thank you for your question When you cut down calories, you will not bulk up – you only do so when you start doing intense heavy-weight lifting or vigorous exercise.
If you wish to get lean and toned, increasing your protein intake and decreasing your carbohydrate intake can help. Protein forms the structure of muscles, helps you feel full (= eating less calories) and can increase your fat-burning metabolism (=burning more calories at rest). Try to include protein sources like fish, eggs, meat, pulses, nuts; reduce fattening foods (like white pasta, bread, rice, sugar etc.) and do exercise that does not increase the size of your muscles but only add definition to it – e.g. high intensity exercise, running short distances, swimming, general exercise without weights etc.
Please note that everyone reacts differently to food and exercise hence I would recommend seeing a nutritional therapist that can provide tailored-made advice.

Good luck