Carbs and protein

Hi, I never know how to correctly portion my meals to have a balanced meal. Please help.

Andrea Prochazkova

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Hi Alan
Thank you for your question. The portioning greatly depends on what you would like to achieve – e.g. weight loss, weight gain, improving your digestion etc.
The portioning of food groups (protein, fat, carbohydrates) often depends on your body’s ability to process these macronutrients properly hence I would recommend you seeing a nutritional therapist to assess your needs.
As a general rule, I would recommend having filling up the plate according to this: ½ plate vegetables (cooked + fresh), ¼ source of protein (meat, fish, eggs, pulses) and the rest carbohydrates (whole grain pasta, brown rice, whole grain bread etc.) with little bit of fat (about 1tbsp) like nuts, seeds and extra virgin olive oil.

Hope this helps.

Take care