Heat and beer, real hydration?

Heat and beer, real hydration?

Because of the heatwave, many people choose beer to hydrate. But, is this a good option?

We are in the middle of summer and the temperatures won’t take it easy on us. Therefore, it is essential that you stay well hydrated. Taking care of the amount of liquid that enters your body is key to feeling well. This is even more important during the summer ... With red-hot thermometers, you must refresh yourself constantly.

Now ... Is everything valid when it comes to hydration? The answer is simple: no! One of the most popular drinks during summer hot beach days is beer,  and today we want to talk about it. Although this drink is widely taken, the reality is that it’s not recommended to drink any alcoholic beverage.

This type of drink provides empty calories and, most importantly, although they are composed mostly of water, the reality is that they dehydrate. Therefore, beer is not recommended to combat heat, nor recommended at all.

In this case, several studies claim that beer does not have hydration properties. It does not help the recovery of water lost after sweating. In addition, reflexes get worse.

Regarding non alcoholic beer, it’s also not recommended, since it mainly contains carbohydrates in liquid form. In conclusion...you need to rely on other healthier and refreshing alternatives!

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